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How to Keep the Conversation Going

Two people wearing medical masks sit on a park bench. Photo: Unsplash

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To your surprise, this talk is going well. Here are four ways to keep the conversation going.


Acknowledge the concerns you are hearing, even if you disagree on the solutions.

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“I hear what you’re saying about some people going to extremes during the pandemic — on both sides, really.”

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“I know you've looked into this a lot, and I'm glad to be talking with you about it.”

Ask for more

Continue validating what you’re hearing by asking for more information.

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“Your perspective is new to me. Where could I learn more about what you’re saying?”

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“What if I listen to a podcast you recommend, and you listen to one I recommend, and talk about what we learned?”


Before offering your thoughts, check out whether the other person is willing to listen.

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“I’m with you on being concerned about this. Can I offer my perspective on how to address it?”

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“This is a really challenging topic. I’ve been reading up on it, and I’d like to share some things I’ve learned. Is that okay?”


After you’ve listened, share your perspective.

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“This is why I see this issue this way.” Avoid saying things like, “Here’s how it actually is.”

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“I’ve found these sources really helpful in better understanding this issue, though I know you might not find them useful.”