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A young couple sitting on a hilltop watches the sunrise. Photo: Unsplash

Our Mission

MPR News and Braver Angels share a common mission: to foster meaningful connection and conversation among Minnesotans who differ politically. We believe a diversity of perspectives enriches our communities and that civic engagement strengthens our country.

MPR News

MPR has been providing trustworthy, fact-based news to Minnesotans for more than 50 years. With reporters around the state, in Saint Paul and at the Capitol, we report stories that reflect the communities we live and work in. Talking Sense builds on our long history of providing thorough political coverage with a twist — one aimed at helping people preserve relationships during a contentious election year.

Braver Angels

Braver Angels is a national nonprofit founded in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election with a mission to bridge the partisan divide and depolarize America. Its leadership is half “red” and half “blue.” Braver Angels has done thousands of workshops across the country, most of them developed in Minnesota. Some workshops bring people together in conversation while others teach skills for communicating across the political divide. A Braver Angels initiative in Minnesota for 2024 is “Reduce the Rancor, Minnesota,” which brings together many organizational partners, including MPR News, in an effort to head off polarization during this election year.