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Have Hard Conversations, Better

About Talking Sense

The current political climate has divided us nationally, in our communities and within our own homes. Talking Sense is a partnership between MPR News and Braver Angels aimed at reducing the impact of political division in our lives this election year.

Talking Sense combines MPR News’ history of providing in-depth political coverage with Braver Angels’ experience bridging divides and restoring trust between people across the political spectrum. Our partnership does this through online tools and in-person events aimed at preserving relationships despite political differences.

Our Goals and Objectives

Through this app, our reporting and live events, Talking Sense teaches you how to think through hard conversations in advance without letting the need to "win" or change minds stand in the way of preserving relationships. This involves developing a deeper understanding of where your loved ones are coming from when you disagree about what’s in the news rather than trying to convince them you’re right.

Our Funding

Talking Sense is funded by a Kling Innovation Grant from the Glen Nelson Center at American Public Media Group, the American Press Institute and MPR News. The Braver Angels leaders are all volunteers.